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I cannot express how happy and proud I am to have been contacted by British Vogue, the World’s Fashion Bible. It feels great to finally see 2 years of hard work paying off and I cannot wait to see what the future’s going to be like for PILLWAA. Thank you @britishvogue for giving us the opportunity to present our unique brand to hundreds of thousands!I am also particularly proud of being involved in this ‘Reset’ issue that is very closely aligned to our values at PILLWAA. “Their work on the covers, and in the 20-page story “All Across the Land”, is not only beautiful and poignant, but also highlights that at the core of everything is our planet. Its maintenance...

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Fashion, Sustainability, and Climate Change — A green lining through COVID-19

We are experiencing one of the greatest moments of global solidarity within our generation, witnessing how COVID-19 has elicited a worldwide response has prompted us to contemplate how our social landscape is changing to bring an immediate and effective response to this pandemic. Businesses are taking on new roles, reorganising how we work, socialise, and travel, the transformational changes are characterised by compassion and human connection.  Though the consequences of COVID-19 are horrifying, the pandemic has shown us that a radical shift in our behaviour towards our surroundings and environment is possible, and has laid the groundwork for how to respond to another global crisis: climate change. The global nature of Coronavirus has allowed us to really recognise the inherent...

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