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PILLWAA Ltd. was officially and legally born in December 2017. This blog will take you through my timeline with PILLWAA illustrated by all the things I have created before even thinking of creating my own brand, from the very first piece to the last one before the big leap. You might find interesting to see the change in the pictures and will hopefully notice the progress throughout time. None of the items were up for sale, they were always gifts for friends and family and they allowed me to progress and develop the passion I now have for my sewing machine, my creativity and my brand.

This page can also be used as inspiration and reference for any of you wanting some custom-made pieces!



Here are the first tshirts I have made, not very original but great for learning! However, the matching purses is what my focus was on. There is a little secret about them, but that will be for you to find out when they become available for purchase!


After 3, I thought I was ready to go to the next level and try something completely different.


I then created few makeup bags for more practice, probably one of the easiest things to do if you are looking to make a debut on a sewing machine! The trickiest part: sewing on the zip properly.

Once I got to a good enough quality standard, I moved on to a bigger and more complex one.


This is where it actually started. I thought of this 'appliqué' technique one night which would allow me to create everything and anything out of nothing. I tried it out and was really happy and proud of the result and that's when I saw some potential.

After the success of this animal collection, I thought I was ready to take it one step further: creating some dungarees from scratch for my niece. 

It turned out to be quite a success so thought I'd try making the exact same ones for adults. Really, I just wanted to have a matching pair of dungarees with this little one!

That same summer, I went to Glastonbury Festival and got photographed with my dungarees. The picture was used for an online article of The Times which gave me a huge boost of confidence. I believe The Times is actually responsible for planting that seed in my head of creating my own fashion brand.



I moved to Paris in January for 6 months. Obviously I wasn't going to leave my sewing machine behind. Having really enjoyed my DIY appliqué technique, I thought I'd give it another shot on sweatshirts.


Onto stage 3. Making bags from scratch, challenging? For sure. But I am ALWAYS up for a challenge, and as stubborn as I am, I will keep going until I get it. Here's the result:


My internship was coming to an end meaning one thing: my travels with Charlie in South East Asia were getting closer! Exciting times but that meant I wasn't going to touch my sewing machine for a while. I thought of making us sweatshirts for the trip.

(Annapurna Base Camp, Himalayas, Nepal)

(Monkey Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam)



Being away from home and on the road for 9 months was probably the best thing we have ever done. The landscapes, different cultures and people we have met were unbelievable and so inspiring. After about 3 months I started craving creation. I started making necklaces with just thread, stones and shells and have even hand-sewn on a bikini! We visited, explored and discovered a total of 9 countries where I was able to buy fabrics to build my brand around.


We then came back home which was quite hard at first but exciting at the same time. My sister's birthday was coming up so decided to go all in and use some of my special fabrics to create something a little more elaborate then previous work. 


Travelling played a huge role in my decision of starting my own company. The free spirit and 'everything is possible' mentality that people as well as ourselves were in was a massive bonus. There wasn't one single reason I could think of not to go for it. When I moved back to London, I started having a few friends' requests which just confirmed that it HAD to be done. 


The end of 2017 has been focused on finding myself a part-time job as well as slowly setting up PILLWAA whilst getting back to my 'Western ways'.

May 2018 is when it all started.

Much love to all of you for supporting me in this challenging yet exciting project!

Let's see how far this journey can take us!


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