Before placing orders, we ask that you please carefully read and accept the following.

PILLWAA is a concept brand that sells unique, limited-edition items to promote individuality and empowerment. Through our wearable art we create clothes that matter and all our products are handmade in London by our designer and founder, Chloe Pillois.

What is wearable art? At PILLWAA, we believe in the importance of bringing human connection back and creating items that speak to the individuality of the wearer. We create clothes that express beliefs and spark conservations, not only through unique fabrics, designs and customisations, but the values they embody. Our pieces are termed wearable art because of the rarity of every single product, combined with the craft that goes into creating them.

What does this mean for our customers? The work and prices are a reflection of the unique creative process that goes into our lines and cannot be compared to mass-produced products, as each piece requires extensive time and craftmanship. We have very strict quality control and if a piece doesn't meet our expectations it will be up-cycled into a new product. However, please acknowledge there will be small variations in the items, due to the handmade nature of our collections. Each item will look a little different from the next, which is part of the value and beauty when purchasing a unique, handmade piece.

Can I return or exchange my purchase? We offer 3 different types of products at PILLWAA: our stock, PILLmoi Requests and PILLmoi Private Enquiries. Please read below for the specific T&Cs for each category.


Stock refers to any item sold from the existing PILLWAA collections as advertised online, with no changes made to the individual product. This includes the colour, size, logo, design or any other feasible customisation. For stock, you can exchange or return products within a 30-day period from the original date of purchase. This is providing that the item/s is unused, in its original condition and accompanied by a valid proof of purchase. If these conditions are met, we can offer an exchange or full refund. Please email for further information.


PILLmoi Requests refer to items that have been customised or co-designed in the PILLmoi section using the dropdown menu. By creating your own product or making any form of visible change to a garment, such as the colour, logo placement or design, you have ordered a unique and personalised piece which cannot be returned or exchanged.

Please make sure you fill in the form as best as you can, so that we understand your needs (including using the Specifications box for ANY additional info), but remember that PILLWAA is about creating unique pieces, so there will be some handmade variations in our work.

In addition, we work with a variety of fabrics in small quantities to allow for more diversity. We therefore cannot include all the fabrics online, as they are ever-changing, hence why you select a ‘design colour’. We will communicate by email to pick the right fabric together, but ultimately, by proceeding with a PILLmoi Request you give us full artistic license to create the final product.


PILLmoi Private Enquiries refer to entirely original items that we have created for you using a personal design, concept or picture sent in. PILLmoi Private Enquiries are customised items that have been made specifically for the customer, and therefore cannot be returned or exchanged.

As above, please ensure you fill out the PILLmoi form with accuracy and share as much information as possible to aid the creative process. As with the standard requests, we will communicate with our customers by email to pick the right fabric together and confirm the design details, but by proceeding with a PILLmoi Private Enquiries you give us full artistic license to create the final product.

PLEASE NOTE: when choosing to proceed with a PILLmoi Request or Private Enquiry, you are acknowledging that the item is non-refundable and you place your trust in PILLWAA to create a piece in line with the style, concept and principles of the brand.


Huge thanks for embarking on this exciting journey with us!

Founder & Designer of PILLWAA Ltd.